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Donnerstag, 19 Mai 2016 10:27

ORAFOL: ORACAL 970 Premium Shift Effect Cast – 5 new exciting colors

ORAFOL introduced no less than 5 new exciting shades to the popular range of ORACAL® 970 Premium Shift Effect Cast films. The materials are shade shifter films, taking car wrapping to a whole new level. With their color changing effect depending on which angle you view the material from, it is possible to create really unique looks. The new colors are: Pearl Symphony, Avocado, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Ultramarine violet. “After the initial introduction of the shade shifter films last year, the demand for these products has been immense. They truly seem to have filled a gap in the market place, and we are thrilled to be able to add more exciting colors now,” says Evelyn Zocher, Sales and Marketing Director for ORAFOL’s Graphic Products Division. “I think we have only just seen the start of this exciting market trend towards an increased demand for unique specialty films, and ORAFOL is definitely up for the challenge,” concludes Zocher. The films are available with both a glossy and matt surface as well as with or without RapidAir®.

More information: http://www.orafol.com