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Montag, 21 Juli 2014 12:28

EFI: Worldwide debut of the 5-meter EFI VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro printer

EFI has premiered a most versatile five-meter printer at the 2014 Shanghai Ad and Sign Technology and Equipment Exhibition: the new EFI VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro with 7pl grayscale UltraDrop Technology. The new roll-to-roll inkjet printer is part of an exhibit offering a significant digital portfolio for greener, more-efficient signage printing with "cool cure" LED inkjet technologies.   UltraDrop Technology employs native 7pl print heads with true multi-drop addressability in each dot position, giving high apparent resolution and high-definition quality with four-level greyscale and two ink density levels. The new technology also produces outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions, as well as superb text quality with four-point text in both standard and knockout with fewer, stray "satellite" droplets and more clarity in all print modes. The printer's LED inks cure at a lower temperature than is required for other curing or drying methods, giving users the ability to print on a wider range of media that cannot withstand high heat - including less-expensive and thinner media down to .79 mm thick. The VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro printer is ideal for nearly all roll-to-roll graphics uses, including textile and mesh print jobs. With its EFI VUTEk GSlxr 3M™ SuperFlex ink, the printer delivers superior performance for outdoor applications, vehicle wraps and graphic applications on textured surfaces, such as brick panels. The ink also offers an extended colour gamut, plus it provides solvent-like elongation characteristics and withstands heat installation without cracking. EFI and 3M Commercial Solutions now also offer a 3M MCS Warranty for vehicle graphics when produced using the appropriate 3M base film, EFI VUTEk GSlxr 3M SuperFlex UV Inks (excluding white), the new EFI VUTEk GS5500lxr Pro printer and the appropriate 3M film over laminate.
More information: http://www.efi.com